Easy to use 'FIFO-Seedbox', to have your stuff online for a very long time!

How it works? Submit your torrent(s) per email to fifo@pfcorner.eu. Your torrent(s) will be
added to our FIFO-system. After some time (usually less than 30 minutes, depending on number
and size). The content will be available per FTP (with or without SSL-TLS).
Seeding your torrents is included, that's what a seedbox is for in the first place :)
Because of the long-time seeding, the results are stunning! Magnet-links are fine too.

Level 1 pricing: 15 Euro for the periode upto 31-dec-2014, for 300 GB storagespace.
Level 2 pricing: 25 Euro for the periode upto 31-dec-2014, for 600 GB storagespace.
Level 3 pricing: 35 Euro for the periode upto 31-dec-2014, for 900 GB storagespace.

Available with less storagespace too (at a cheaper rate, eg. 6 Euro for 100 GB storagespace).

This service is that simple and that cheap! Are you looking for something else? Ask!
For some trackers (like BakaBT), we have special options available. Ask!
Sign-Up: just contact us per email (fifo@pfcorner.eu) and tell which service you want to start with.
Account setup during office hours: general in less than 1 hour after payment confirmation.
Payments: IBAN/BIC (preferred), Moneybookers/Skrill, Payza/Alertpay, or cash (envelop with banknotes).
With Paypal when everything else fails, because Paypal sucks big time, they are a bunch of thieves.
Privacy: we respect your privacy, we don't log anything.
Sharing: you are allowed to share your box with others, like with family or with class-mates.